Air Shopping

The Clarity NDC API workflow allows you to do the most with your ticket booking experience as a travel agent. However, we have added more options to enhance the booking experience with low fare search request and responses for all the providers.

The Air Shopping API is the first step in the travel booking workflow. The API takes origin and destination as input parameters in the request to return offers for flights between them. We provide real-time inventories, making travel schedules easy and flexible for our customers. We offer an intelligent features to choose such as search with alternative dates, fare type and GDS based filters and nearby airports that ensure flexibility for customers. Branded fares are included as a inbuilt feature in our air shopping.

We have broadly categorized the NDC APIs in:

  1. Shopping
  2. Pricing
  3. Booking
  4. Ticketing
  5. Cancellation
  6. Modification
  7. Retrieval