Response Times

Clarity NDC works as a proxy for the calls made to the Clarity NDC API. This API, in turn, makes one or more requests to external airline APIs. While working with Clarity NDC, you should remember that:

  • The response timing will be strongly influenced by the airline API response time.
  • The overhead (delay) added by Clarity NDC to requests is unavoidable.

However, we try to keep the latency overhead added to requests from our side to a minimum. We realize how essential response times are in creating exceptional user experiences. As far as possible, we also work with airlines to reduce the time it takes for their APIs to respond.

The response times from different airlines can vary significantly, with some taking more than a minute to provide a response. In order to ensure a smooth user experience and avoid excessive wait times, we have implemented a time limit for each endpoint. On average, the time limit is set to around 10 seconds.

If a response takes longer than the specified time limit, the session will be automatically ended. This is particularly important to consider when integrating our services, especially if your integration involves a user interface. In such cases, it might be useful to display a loading indicator to indicate that the request is being processed.