Getting Started

You need to understand a few important concepts to search flights and book tickets using the Clarity NDC APIs.

To search flights, you need to create an air shop request. This request describes the passenger details and their travel itinerary. It also includes additional optional filters (such as cabin type) for requesting a customized offering.

A core query represents a journey that the passengers want to make between an origin and a destination. For the origin and destination, you simply need to provide the IATA code for an airport, for example, London Heathrow Airport (LHR) or for a city, for example, New York (NYC).

We will send your request to several airlines and get back to you with a list of offers. Each offer is a collection of flights from a specific airline that satisfies your search parameters at a specific price. Every airline is capable of sending multiple offers. Therefore, you can receive hundreds or even thousands of these offers to take the consumers to there desired destinations.

A segment is a name given to each flight. A trip from London (LON) to New York (NYC) could be direct, consisting of only one segment, or it could have one or more stops, resulting in many segments. All lists of results of your core query and segments will be arranged in the order of departure.

You need to place an order after identifying the offer you want to book. For this, you must include additional passenger information (such as their name and date of birth) as well as payment information.